Industry pump up sprayer

Industry pump up sprayer

Industry sprayers are made with an acid-proof stainless steel telescoping lance, Viton seals, together with an extremely durable high-pressure container to resist harsh chemicals.

Marolex Industry features

The Industry sprayer tank

High pressure tank

Specially designed high-pressure tank ensuring the highest safety. A special production method based on injection molding not blowing and multi-stage quality control. It guarantees a long lasting operation without any problems.

The Industry sprayer hand pump

Efficient high-pressure pump

The new pumps are characterized by the absence of a metal piston, possibly susceptible to the harsh chemicals and corrosion after years of usage (despite the zinc coating) which makes them 100% resistant to rust. The pump is reinforced by plastic ribs and has a very stable, robust structure, designed using modern CAD software that simulates the stress during work. The new pumps are more aesthetic and comfortable for pumping due to the refined shape of the handle and optimal internal design.

The Industry sprayer anti dust protection

Anti-dust protection

All telescopic lances are equipped with APS-System protecting them against pollution getting inside. Thanks to such innovations, they are regarded as one of the most reliable devices of this type on the market.

The Industry sprayer safety valve

Safety valve

Exactly selected safety valve designed by Marolex is another guarantee of safety when operating Marolex sprayers. The valve does not allow for the pressure within the tank to increase above 0.4 MPa. The excess pressure will be always released through the valve maintaining the safe pressure up to 0.4Mpa.

The Industry sprayer seal

Additional seal

In many places double seal system is used to ensure no leakage during operation of Marolex sprayers. No leakage ensures comfort and 100% safety for the environment.

The Industry sprayer hose

Three-ply reinforced hose

All Marolex hoses are produced under very strict quality control rules. Our three-ply hose has a reinforcement to prevent cracking of the hose, minimizes the possibility of bends and increases comfort during operation of Marolex sprayers.

The Industry sprayer trigger

Trigger on/off valve

Feeding valve with the on/off trigger integrated with the handle allows the most comfortable work. Its blocking system relieves the hand during long work with the Marolex sprayers. When you press the on /off button and move it forward, the valve remains open without the need to press it all the time.

The Industry sprayer nozzle

Adjustable nozzle

Adjustable nozzle will guarantee universal liquid stream – from a light mist used with plant protection chemicals, through fine stream for herbicides, to thick stream used for irrigation.

Dimensions & weight

Sprayer Height Width Weight
5 litre 415mm 220mm 1.9kg
9 litre 570mm 220mm 2.2kg
12 litre 600mm 220mm 2.3kg


Feature Description
Tank capacity 5, 9 & 12 litres
Pressure .4 MPa
Pump Hand pump

Short Description