12m Krono hydraulic boom

12m Krono hydraulic boom

12m Krono Boom

Krono 12 metre hydraulic boom

The hydraulic Krono booms are designed for Rowcrop spraying applications.

The Krono 12m boom represents European technology with sequential vertical outer wing folding to enable multiple spraying configurations.

The boom uses two hydraulic cylinders to extend boom outer wings via sliding rods enabling single sided spraying or spraying with the boom partially folded to reduce overall width.

The structure is hot galvanised and very robust in design with a full RHS construction. Roll suspension is fitted standard with a tilt leveling cylinder used to lock the centre when the booms are used on a hillside or as single sided operation.

A one metre hydraulic boom lift is optional on the 12m boom.

Suited for Small frame 3PL 800-1000L and Medium frame 3PL sprayers.

Folded dimensions: 2400W x 2200mmH

Boom centre section

Krono 12 metre hydraulic boom centre section

(a) Self leveling boom with manual tilt adjuster (b) hydraulic tilt adjust optional (shown). (c) Left and right individual hydraulic fold. (d) Self leveling lockout.

Boom features

Krono 12 metre hydraulic boom hydraulic fold

Hydraulic fold

Individual hydraulic fold can be used to tilt boom wings.

Krono 12 metre hydraulic boom tip breakaway

Boom end

(a) 2D breakaway end tip. (b) Boom end frame with plumbing mounted to protect nozzles from damage.

Boom structure widths


The Krono 12m boom is fitted with large individual cylinders and a folding system that enable multiple spraying configurations. Single sided operation is made possible with the fitment of a boom centre lockout system with manual tilt adjuster standard or hydraulic tilt adjuster as an option.

The boom structure width diagram shows the individual length of each boom section, along with an arrangement of plumbing configurations spraying widths from 2.5m to 12m can be achieved*.

*Spraying width will vary depending on plumbing configuration selected. eg: centre jet or conventional.

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