SuperFlow Mobile Induction Hopper

SuperFlow Mobile Induction Hopper

The SuperFlow Mobile Hopper is an alternative method of transferring chemical into the main spray tank.

The chemical can either be in liquid or granular form and once in the hopper the chemical can then be easily transferred into the main spray tank. The hopper facilitates drum rinsing with fresh water and the hopper itself can be rinsed and all resonate then transferred into the tank.

The hopper transfers the chemical via venturi effect. Water from an external supply is pumped under the bottom of the hopper where it passes through a venturi fitting under the hopper. This causes a suction effect and when the bottom of the hopper is open (via the hopper tank ball valve) the tank contents are drawn into the flow from the pump passing under the hopper and then transferred into the main spray tank. This eliminates chemical attack resulting from high concentrations of chemical coming into contact with spray components.

  • Dry chemical friendly – Atrazine & Simazine
  • 60L hopper capacity
  • Approximately 50 l/min induction when using a 50psi pump
  • Drum rinse nozzle
  • Anti-aeration mixing jet
  • Volume indicator removable for easy cleaning
  • Easy grip Banjo fittings
  • Fully sealed lid for improved safety
  • Sturdy welded frame
  • (8” 390mm od) pneumatic tyres
  • Heavy duty 1” axle and bearings
  • 5m suction hose and 2m induction hose
  • Camlocks for rapid fitting


Dimensions Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
60L 779 670 1145

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