Premium Vehicle Cabin

Premium Vehicle Cabin


Vehicle cabin to suit agricultural, industrial, harvester and sprayers

Goldacres offer a premium cabin with essential features and comforts to help you get through the most demanding days. Our cabins as fitted to our most popular medium frame crop cruiser sprayer range come with many practical features.

The cabins can be used for applications from spraying to harvesting as well as many industrial and agricultural situations.

Operator seat

Quality Grammer adjustable operator seat

Our cabin is fitted the a Grammer fully adjustable air-ride seat which features a lap sash seat belt and left hand armrest for added comfort.

1Fore / Aft adjustmentBy lifting this lever the seat can be slid backwards or forward to the desired position.
2Height adjustmentBy lifting this lever air will be pumped in to the airbag suspension. By lowering this lever air is exhausted from the air bag
3Seat pan angle adjustmentTo adjust the angle of the seat pan, pull the handle upwards. By exerting pressure on or off the front or rear part of the seat pan it can be moved to the desired position.
4AbsorberThe cushioning effect can be adjusted for on and off-road driving conditions. 1-Soft, 2-Medium, 3-Hard.
5Seat Depth adjustmentTo adjust the depth of the seat cushion, pull the handle upwards. By moving the seat cushion backwards the desired seating position can be reached.
6TiltThe lever on the right hand side of the seat allows the back rest to be tilted forward or rearward. Pulling the lever upwards releases the back rest so it can be repositioned. Release to lock.
7Arm Rest AdjustBy turning this knob the arm rest can be angled to suit. The cover on the side can be removed and loosen the nut, and adjust the armrest up/down to desired position.
8Fore/Aft isolatorShock impacts in the driving direction can be better absorbed by the driving seat. Position 1 Off / Position 2 On
9Seat BeltOperator lap seat belt must be fitted when ever the operator is seated in the cabin.

Overhead components

Electronic climate control / air conditioning unit

Overhead cabin switches control the air conditioning and heating systems, external temperature display, light and wiper functions as well as a 12 volt power outlet.

1Cooler bottle storage, cooled from the air conditioner
2Electronic climate control / air conditioner
3Lights & wiper switches – Outer front work lights, Inner front work lights, wipers, windscreen washers, rotating beacon, Rear cabin work lights
412 volt outlet

am / fm radio - cd player

1AM / FM Radio – CD player
2Bluetooth microphone

Steering Column

cabin steering column

An adjustable Steering column is fitted for optimum operator comfort and easy access throughout the cab.

1Tilt adjustment
2Height ajustment
3Signal indicators, low and high beam indicator
4Hazard light swtich
5Park light and low beam switch

Cabin dimensions

Cabin dimensions


Cabin mounting points

Cabin mounting points


Specifications & weight

Cabin constructionBlack powder paint of cab with Cataforesi treatment against corrosion
Curved front and rear glass and full length side glass
Access door on left side
4 mounting vibration isolator blocks
Right hand side cabin mounted mirror
SeatingGrammer air ride seat with adjustable arm rests and seat belt
Fold away passenger seat
SteeringTwo way tilt adjustable and telescopic steering column.
Lighting6 front work lamps 12v 55w
2 rear work lamps 12v 55w
2 rotating beacons
Interior light 12v
Heating / CoolingAir conditioning and heater 12v with electronic climate control; (cabin parts only extra parts needed to complete the system)
Air filter Carbon filter (Pressurised cabin)
Cool box
Front sun visor (Roll down front blind)
Audio / ElectricsTwin USB charge points plus 12v power take off point for electronic accessories
Bluetooth AM/FM, USB Radio
Speakers for radio
Complete electric cables and switches 12v
Wiper 12v with screen washer and water tank
Fuse box 12v
Full wiring diagram
InsulationHigh quality soft touch interior trim with Sound insulation fitted to reduce noise
Floor with rubber mat (with cut outs for foot pedals)

Short Description

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