Prairie Rowcrop Trailed Sprayer

Prairie Rowcrop Trailed Sprayer

Prairie Rowcrop represents the latest in technology and features in a package that is simple to operate, yet strong and durable. Spanning four main tank capacities across two different chassis frame sizes, there is a sprayer to suit almost every requirement.

Rowcrop features

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer EZ control pressure control station

EZ Control Station

The EZ control station places all the filling and flushing functions in the one convenient location. All valves are colour coded and clearly labelled for easy identification and operation.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer oversize 70 series 8 stud acles with heavy duty dust seals

Axle and vertical boom suspension

Oversize 70 series, 8 stud axles with heavy duty dust seals provide years of trouble free service. Nitrogen charged hydraulic accumulators provide vertical boom suspension and dampening.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer boom section valves

Boom Section Valves

High quality motorised boom section valves with ¾” delivery lines provide quick nozzle start and stop capability. Standard in 3 sections with ability to upgrade to more sections as required.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer Udor diaphragm pump

Diaphragm Pumps

Smooth running 540 rpm oil backed diaphragm pumps are constant displacement providing consistent flow, largely unaffected by changes to operating pressure. Main tank agitation is consistent, even when large changes to operating pressures are made.

Rowcrop options

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer 40 litre induciton hopper option

Induction hopper

Lower the hopper into the loading position by simply releasing the spring loaded catch, the Induction hopper enables you to load powders, granules and liquids fast, using a large flow venturi system. The lower valve has a large handle that’s easy to grip while wearing PPE and features push down drum rinse nozzle, tank flushing nozzle and simple tank level calibration.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer full length poly mudguards option

Full length poly mudguards

Covering 180 degrees of the wheel and manufactured from UV stable polyethylene plastic, these mudguards provide the best protection for your sprayer. Also fitted with heavy rubber mudflaps which prevent mud build up on the boom.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer boom wing tilt option

Boom wing tilt

Individual side boom wing tilt enables the operator to quickly raise the boom wing tip up over obstacles such as fences or tree stumps.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer Udor hydraulic drive option

Hydraulic drive

80cc geroler hydraulic motor option replaces the standard PTO shaft. Complete with rpm sensor for accurate in cab pump speed readout.

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer rowcrop hitch for tight turns at the end of headlands

Rowcrop Hitch

Turning is important. Tight, difficult turns at the end of rows can use up a large amount of spraying time. A turntable hitch which permits tighter turning, speeds up spraying where there are narrow plantings or boundaries near the end of rows.

Call us control freaks!

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer controls, Raven SCS450, TopCon X30, Ag leader, Trimble FmX, John Deere GreenStar and 3 way electric controller

In today’s fast changing precision farming landscape it is easy to be left behind in the technology stakes

That’s why Goldacres make it easy, with multiple solutions to suit the basic requirements to the top end needs. For more than two decades Goldacres have relied on Raven to provide complete flow control systems with matched components to give, quite simply, unmatched flow control accuracy and stability. At the heart of the control system is a positive displacement pump run at constant rpm. This creates known flow rates across varying pressures, essential for accurate and stable flow control. In addition, two system critical components, a flow meter and three way regulator valve* combine to help achieve fast “on target rate”, plus greater flow stability with known tank agitation. The Prairie Special range of sprayers feature three controller types to suit all requirements.

3 way electric section and regulation control system

For simple fuss free flow and section control the 1500-2500L small frame Prairie Special can be fitted with a three section switch box with electric pressure regulation. This allows the operator to adjust the spray pressure to achieve the desired nozzle flow rate. The operator then drives at a set ground speed to maintain the correct application rate.

SCS450 Auto rate control system

The proven SCS range of sprayer consoles provide simple, fuss free control of the flow control duties. The SCS450 features up to 5 boom section control, 2 pre-set auto rates plus manual, pump speed readout, ground speed and several counters. If you are looking to further expand the capabilities, then the SCS range is compatible with all the leading automatic section controllers on the market.

ISO BUS Auto rate control system

Tractor cabins can get very busy with the vast range of systems requiring individual control consoles. The ISO BUS standard virtual terminal (VT) brings all the systems together into the one display. Essentially each system contains the brains, while the VT is simply the interface between the two. This means only one operator console is required. Goldacres offer the option for ISO BUS compatibility, allowing numerous leading VT displays to take over the sprayer control duties. Features like flow control pressure, pump speed readout, plus all tractor steering and task control applications can all be all monitored by the one display.

Small frame – Construction overview

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer construction overview of chassis

To build the best sprayer you have to start with a solid platform

The small frame Prairie Special design incorporates many elements to ensure maximum strength, longevity and performance. Features such as, fully bushed pivot points, precision laser cut components and the best corrosion proof paint system. Fully welded in rotating positional jigs ensures accuracy, repeatability and quality all combined with the experience gained with thousands of sprayers in the field.

  1. Chassis. Manufactured from high strength heavy walled 125x75x6mm RHS to minimise flexing and provide a stable platform for boom mounting. The rear chassis section features an integrated boom and tank support (3000L version only). Long wheel base (axle to drawbar) provides excellent boom yaw stability and reduces sideways pushing forces at the tractor.
  2. Drawbar pull. Single 150mm square drawbar section allows tighter headland turning. Full 360 degree swivel forged tow eye ensures maximum articulation between sprayer and tractor. Walk through platform. Access the main tank easily and safely from either side of the sprayer. No need to walk around the sprayer or tractor to access the other side. Open foot treads provide safe access to platform in muddy conditions. Lower portion of treads fold up out of the way when not in use.
  3. Boom rest. The adjustable height boom rests with rubber supports provide a soft contact point for the boom wings, minimising the chance for damage.
  4. Boom parallelogram lift. The mechanism provides boom height adjustment as well as the vertical suspension.
  5. Delta boom centre section. Using lightweight trussing techniques the boom centre section is light yet extremely strong. All high load pivot points are greaseable, ensuring a long service life and optimum boom suspension performance.
  6. Paint and anti-corrosion system. All major components are fully grit blasted using a fractured steel shot, essential for excellent paint adherence. The bare steel components are then treated using a high build filler primer which flattens the blasted surface. All un-welded joints are seam sealed then top coated using Goldacres’ exclusive chemical resistant paint formula. Finally all components are baked in a high temperature oven until fully cured. All zinc plated pins and bolts on the boom are coated with rust preventative G15, which adds another level of corrosion protection.
  7. Full modular construction technique allows many options to be easily added at the time of build or at a later date as required. Dealer Fit Options (DFO) can be retrofitted without the need for welding or drilling existing components.

Delta Booms

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer delta boom 15 metres to 24 metres

Application made easy

The Delta boom range is ideal for growers looking to benefit from the proven stability and performance of the three way suspension system in an economical package. Designed for light to medium duty applications with widths ranging from 15m to 24m*, there is a size to suit every situation. Standard features include mild steel inner wings with lightweight aluminium outer wings, single operation boom folding system featuring the proven cable control with outer wing break back functionality, full size ¾” boom lines to minimise pressure drop across the sections for consistent spray application and full hydraulic lift and fold.

Krono Booms

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer krono boom idea for rowcrop applications

The Krono & Krono Premium represent the finest in European boom technology

Ideal for rowcrop applications, the booms feature a compact construction with hydraulic fold and can be operated as single sided or bi-fold to give a range of operating widths. The booms feature self levelling suspension with a manual adjuster fitted to the 12m and hydraulic tilt adjustment on the Krono Premium. 500mm plumbing is standard, other plumbing options available upon request. Both booms feature breakaway end tips.

Chemical Handling

Prairie Rowcrop trailed sprayer chemical handling with induction hopper, transcal, venturi probe

SuperFlow 40 Induction Hopper

Lower the hopper into the loading position by simply releasing the spring loaded catch, the SuperFlow hopper enables you to load powders, granules and liquids fast – up to 20 kg/min* (Atrazine) using a large flow venturi system. The lower valve has a large handle that’s easy to grip while wearing PPE and features push down drum rinse nozzle, tank flushing nozzle and simple tank level calibration.

Transcal (not shown)

The 45L Transcal is a simple and effective way of transferring and measuring liquid chemical. Using a venturi the Transcal can draw chemical from an open container using a probe, or out of an envirodrum, to provide a totally enclosed transfer system. The Transcal measures chemical transferred by volume, not flow, providing accuracy regardless of the liquid viscosity.

Venturi Probe

Standard on all models across the range, the probe is a simple method of transferring chemical into the main tank directly from a drum. It uses a venturi mounted in the main product tank.


Feature1500, 2000 & 2500L3000L
ChassisFully welded modular construction 125 x 75 x 6mm RHS. Single beam bolt on drawbar with forged tow eyeFully welded modular construction 125 x 75 x 6mm RHS. Single beam bolt on drawbar with forged tow eye
Stub axle size70mm70mm
Axle typeRigid axle – standardRigid axle – standard
Axle track width1800mm – other widths on request1800mm – other widths on request
Rowcrop wheel & tyre sizes12.4 x 3012.4 x 46
Full length poly mudguards with mud flapsOptionalOptional
Rate controller3 way electric with electric regulation – standard
Raven SCS450 – optional
ISO BUS – optional
Raven SCS450
ISO BUS – optional
Spray pump140 l/min with PTO – standard
Hydraulic drive – optional
170 l/min with PTO – standard
Hydraulic drive – optional
Filtration1 x suction, 2 x pressure & nozzle filters – standard1 x suction, 2 x pressure & nozzle filters – standard
Water transfer (filling)2″ integrated fill point with EZ control2″ integrated fill point with EZ control
Main tank drain1.5″ remote operated2″ remote operated
Main tank capacity1500L, 2000 or 2500L3000L
Rinse water tank capacity100L180L
Tank rinse nozzlesSingle rotatingTwin rotating
Boom type and sizeDelta 15m, 18m and 21mDelta 18m, 20m, 21m and 24m
Boom outerAluminium with outer wing break back featureAluminium with outer wing break back feature
3D breakaway mechanism fitted to outer wingOptionalOptional
Boom end protectorsOptionalOptional
Individual wing tiltOptionalOptional
Number of hydraulic remotes required1 set for lift/lower
1 set for fold in/out
1 set for spray pump if hydraulic drive optioned
2 sets for boom wing tilt if optioned
1 set for lift/lower
1 set for fold in/out
1 set for spray pump if hydraulic drive optioned
2 sets for boom wing tilt if optioned
Electric over hydraulic spool valves. (2 sets of remotes required)Hydraulic manifold to operate 4 functions with switch box. Open or closed centre systemN/A
Number of boom sections3 equal width section – standard
4 or 5 sections – optional
3 equal width section – standard
4 or 5 sections – optional
Trijets – Turret designOptionalOptional
Electric operated fence line nozzlesOptionalOptional
Chemical induction hopperOptional – 40LOptional – 40L
Micromatic rinse socket & couplerOptionalOptional
Foam marker 100L Exacta double sidedOptionalOptional
Articulating Rowcrop HitchOptionalOptional

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