W821SC Professional Mower/ 21″ Deck

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W821SC Professional Mower/ 21″ Deck


Professional Mower/ 21″ Deck

Renowned for its exceptional performance and efficiency, the Kubota W821SC self propelled mower is powered by a reliable Honda engine. With reinforced handles, large alloy wheels and a heavy duty front bumper, the Kubota W821SC is the walk behind mower of choice for commercial operators.

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W821SC Specifications

EngineModelHONDA GXV160
Engine typeAir-cooled, 4-cycle OHV, Single-cylinder
Fuel tank capacity1.8L
Starting methodRecoil method
Drive SystemSelf-Propelled
DimensionOutside dimensions
(L×W×H mm)
Dry weight62kg
MowerMowing speedLow speed:1.0m/sec, High speed:1.4m/sec
Wheel diameter244mm Alminum wheel
Grass bag capacity75L
Mowing width530mm
Mowing height22,32,42,52,62,72,82mm
Deck MaterialReinforced Cast Aluminium
Blade EngagementBBC(Blade Brake Clutch)
OptionsSide deflector
Mulch Cutting Kit

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