M7040SUHD Premium ROPS Utility Tractor

M7040SUHD Premium ROPS Utility Tractor


Premium ROPS Utility Tractor

The Kubota M7040SUHD features a 68HP E-CDIS engine, offering more durability, power and fuel efficiency than other models in its class. The ROPS utility model is equipped with hydraulic shuttle shift to make forward and reverse manoeuvers quick and smooth. Standard specifications includes Creep Speed and Autohitch.

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M7040 Specifications

TypeE-CDIS, Direct InjectionE-CDIS, Direct InjectionE-CDIS, Direct injection, liquid cooled diesel
No. of cylinders444
Engine net power HP (kW)35 (50.7)35 (50.7)68 (50.7)
PTO power HP (kW)62 (46.3)62 (46.3)62 (46.2)
Total displacement (cc)333133313331
Engine rpm260026002600
Fuel tank capacity (L)9011070
Alternator45 Amp60 Amp45 Amp
TransmissionNo. of speedsF12 / R12 (w/creep)F12 / R12 (w/creep)8F/8R
Main gear shift (8 speeds)Fully synchronizedFully synchronizedFully synchronized (4 speed)
Hydraulic shuttleStandard, Dash-mountedStandard, Column mounted leverStandard
Max. travelling speed @ max. engine RPM Km/h3131
Main clutch typeMultiple wet discMultiple wet discMultiple wet discs
Brake typeMechanical wet discMechanical wet discMechanical multi-plate wet disc
Mechanical differential lockRear standard & front Limited Slip DifferentialRear standard & front Limited Slip DifferentialRear standard
4WD clutch typeMechanicalMechanical
Final driveInboard Planetary
PTOTypeLive-independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, wet clutchLive-independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, wet clutchLive-independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, multi-plate wet clutch
Speed (rpm)540 / 540E540 / 540E540
HydraulicsPump capacity (3-Point Hitch) (L/min)41.641.643.9
3-Point HitchTelescopic lower link ends, Telescopic stabilizersTelescopic lower link ends, Telescopic stabilizersTelescopic stabilizers, turn-buckle-type lift rod
3-Point Hitch CategoryI / III / III / II
3-Point Hitch Control systemPosition, draft (top link sensing) & mixed controlPosition, draft (top link sensing) & mixed controlPosition
3-Point Hitch Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point (kg)150015001500
Cylinder typeTwo external cylindersTwo external cylinders
No. of standard remote valves2 (SCD, S/D Acting), 3rd & flow control valve optional2 (SCD, S/D Acting), 3rd & flow control valve optional1 (2nd, 3rd optional)
Other features4WD drive systemBevel gear typeBevel gear type
SteeringHydraulic power steeringHydraulic power steeringHydrostatic power steering
Tilt steeringStandardStandard
Hood typeFull open, slanted typeFull open, slanted type
Pedal typeHanging typeHanging type
Deck type (ISO-mounted w/ rubber mat)Semi-flatFull-flatSemi-flat
Panel typeElectronicElectronic
Fender shapeWide, roundWide, round
Standard tyre sizeStandard Front9.5 x 249.5 x 249.5-24 R1
Standard Rear16.9 x 3016.9 x 3016.9-30 R1
Option Front280/85R24280/85R24
Option Rear280/84R30280/84R30
Option (vineyard) Front
Option (vineyard) Rear
Dimensions & weightOverall length (mm)344534453500
Overall height (top of ROPS/CAB) (mm)247025452470
Overall width (Minimum, ROPS/CAB) (mm)186018601860
Wheelbase (mm)205021102050
Crop clearance (Front Axle)430430500
Front tread width (mm)1420-15201420-15201420,1520
Rear tread width (mm)1420-17201420-17201420-1720
Turning Radius (w/o brake) (m)
Tractor weight (kg)218024402090

M7040 Loader Specifications

Tractor applicationsM6040 & M7040
Boom Cylinder FulcrumHeight position | Power position
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot pin) (mm)3370 | 2977
Clearance w/Attachment Dump (mm)2577 | 2172
Reach @ Maximum Height (mm)357 | 811
Maximum Drop Angle (degrees)43 | 60
Reach w/Attachment on Ground (mm)1947
Maximum Rollback Angle (degrees)43
Digging Depth (When Bucket is Level) (mm)134 | 111
Overall Height in Carry Position (mm)1573
Material Bucket Width/capacity (Heaped) (m³)0.55
Lift Capacity (Bucket Centre) (kg)1055 | 1150
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load (seconds)4.7
Lowering time w/out Load (powerdown) (seconds)3.5
Attachment Rollback Time (seconds)3.0
Attachment Dumping Time (seconds)2.7

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