Pro-Reel® Single Traymount Sprayer

Pro-Reel® Single Traymount Sprayer

Designed for the professional sprayer, fitted with a high pressure diaphragm pump, 100m Pro-Reel® remote auto rewind hose reel, quality components and compact dimensions.

The Pro-Reel® traymount range of sprayers are ideal for operators who require maximum efficiency from their sprayer. Available in 200, 300, 400, 600 & 800L chemical tank capacities there is a size to suit just about every application.

Featuring the Pro-Reel® with 100m of hose, high pressure twin diaphragm pump, rated to 40l/min @ 40 bar (580 psi) driven by a petrol engine and a spray pattern which is fully adjustable from the trigger jet gun allows the operator to spray large volumes in a straight stream or fan spray pattern.


Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer 200 litre

200L Pro-Reel® Single

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer 400 litre

400L Pro-Reel® Single

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer 600 litre

600L Pro-Reel® Single

Hose Reel

Pro-Reel Single Reel 100 metres

The Pro-Reel® is a remote controlled automatic rewind hose reel that is powered by a 12 volt motor completely removing the need to manually wind up the hose after completing your spraying tasks. The Pro-Reel® will make your spraying simpler, safer and quicker.


  • 2 channel radio receiver (200m range)
  • 12dc motor with adjustable v-belt
  • Anti-corrosion poly reel plates
  • A swivel hose feeder with 360º rollers evenly distribute the nylon hose
  • High flow stainless steel internal inlet shaft with stainless external hardware ensure the reel can withstand the harshest environments

Pro-Reel® key features

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer remote control

Control system

A powerful two channel radio receiver (433 MHz FM) with a 200m range controls the Pro-Reel® rewind function. the remote features a single button motor shutdown for emergencies whil a manual override switch allows the hose to be rewound if the remote loses power, is damaged lost.

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer Nylon 12 hose

Nylon 12 hose

Nylon 12 hose is the toughest, anti kink hose available. With an OD of 8mm and a thin wall it enables 50, 100 or 150 metres of hose to neatly fit to the reel while providing minimal pressure loss. This hose is Ideally suited to the pro reel due to it’s high pressure rating and super slip outer surface.

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer 23 litre handwash tank

Hand wash tank

As an added safety and convenience the pro reel units can be fitted with a hand wash tank which also incorporates a removable soap dispenser. (standard on Pro-Reel® Twin units)

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer 12 volt motor driven reel


A simple 12 volt, 150w high torque motor is used which draws 16amps and drive at 450 rpm. The motor drives the reel via a simple V belt configuration at around 6 klm/hr which is a comfortable walking speed.

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer Udor 3 way mnaual controller


A quality Udor 3 way manual controller is used which features pressure regulation and a complete bypass flow dump valve for easy engine starting and precise pressure adjustment. The controller will handle up to 120 l/min of flow and 580 psi pressure.

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer Turbo 400 spray gun

Turbo 400 gun

The turbo 400 gun is used across the range and it handles up to 70l/min of flow and 700 psi of pressure. It features a trigger lock handle with an easy adjustment lever from a straight stream to a fan. A hose swivel is fitted to eliminated hose tangles.

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer Honda engine coupled with Udor high pressure pump

Motor / pump

Quality Udor high pressure diaphragm pumps are used across the range. The pumps are perfectly matched to suit the desired tank size and sprayer configuration and are coupled to the Honda engine via a 6:1 reduction gearbox. This pump and motor combination delivers an excellent mix of reliability, pressure and spray volume.

200L dimensions

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer dimensions 200 litre

Dimensions A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
200L 1030 1390 711

400L dimensions

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer dimensions 400 litre

Dimensions A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
400L 1030 1390 885

600L dimensions

Pro-Reel Single Reel Traymount Sprayer dimensions 600 litre

Dimensions A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
600L 1400 2087 835

800L dimensions

Dimensions A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
800L 1400 2087 900


Feature Description
Hose lengths 100 or 150m (100m standard)
Tank sizes 200, 400, 600 & 800L
Engine Honda GX200 manual start
Pump Udor 40 l/min 580 psi twin diaphragm
Controller Manual 3 way, manual pressure adjustment with dump valve
Remote rewind 200m range 12v dc electric motor 150w 450 rpm 16 amp draw
Remote shutoff Remote engine and pump shut-off 200m range
Site tube Standard
Spray gun Turbo 400, adjustable spray pattern, 2.5mm nozzle
Suction filter 50 mesh with shut-off
Chassis Fully welded RHS / tubular construction
Hose reel drive system 12v dc motor with adjustable v-belt
Nozzle sizes 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5mm (2.5mm standard)
Reel Anti-corrosion poly disc, stainless inlet shafts an external hardware

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