Pro-Reel® – stand alone unit

Pro-Reel® – stand alone unit

Transform an existing tank and pump into a weed-killing weapon. Simply add a Pro-Reel® to your outfit and take the work out of spraying

The Pro-Reel® is a remote controlled automatic rewind hose reel that is powered by a 12 volt motor completely removing the need to manually wind up the hose after completing your spraying tasks. The Pro-Reel® will make your spraying simpler, safer and quicker. The Pro-Reel® is a stand alone unit using a simple 12 volt motor with a no fuss belt drive system and a remote controller that provides up to 200m range. It features a heavy duty steel frame combined with durable anti corrosion poly reel plates and a stainless steel shaft, quality bearings and up to 150m of 12mm nylon anti-kink hose making the Pro-Reel® the perfect choice to transform your existing tank.

Pro-Reel® – features

Pro-Reel auto hose reel remote control

Remote rewinding

A powerful two channel hand held remote control unit with a range of 200m*. The hand held unit can control both the rewind function of the reel and the spray pump engine shutdown. An additional control at the base unit also can be used to wind the reel in case of a damaged or misplaced remote.

Pro-Reel auto hose reel strong contruction


Reel side plates and large drive pulley are made from high density UV stable poly material. Light, strong and impervious to corrosion. The main frame is a combination of round and square section mild steel with a high-flow stainless steel shaft and stainless external hardware. Goldacres three paint system (grit blast, high build primer & high temperature baked finish) ensures a long lasting finish.

Pro-Reel auto hose reel Nylon 12 grade hose

Spray hose

The Pro-Reel® uses a Nylon 12 grade hose which is the toughest, anti kink hose available. With an outside diameter of 8mm and a thin wall it enables 100 or 150 metres of hose to neatly fit to the reel while providing minimal pressure loss. This hose is ideally suited to the Pro-Reel® due to it’s high pressure rating and super slip outer surface.

Pro-Reel auto hose reel silent drive 12 volt system

12 volt drive system

The Pro-Peel® “silent drive” uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor combined with a 12.5:1 reduction belt drive system. Eliminating the need for clutches or lubrication and allows the reel to be rewound without the spray pump operating. The belt drive also acts as a safety mechanism, providing drive slip in case of overloading such as the hose being caught around a tree. The silent drive system provides the operator with virtually years of maintenance free operation.


Pro-Reel auto hose reel dimensions

DimensionsA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)
100m reel450950680
150m reel450950730


ChassisFully welded RHS / tubular constructionFully welded RHS / tubular constructionFully welded RHS / tubular construction
Remote2 channel radio receiver (200m range)2 channel radio receiver (200m range)2 channel radio receiver (200m range)
Hose12mm nylon (anti-kink)12mm nylon (anti-kink)12mm nylon (anti-kink)
Hose reel drive system12v dc motor with adjustable v-belt12v dc motor with adjustable v-belt12v dc motor with adjustable v-belt
DisksAnti-corrosion poly reel platesAnti-corrosion poly reel platesAnti-corrosion poly reel plates

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